Using a straightforward, intelligence lead set of processes and procedures our offer is to create and implement an improvement strategy that will benefit your business in respect of how it maintains the value of its assets and doing so whilst delivering a meaningful return on any cost of any improvement.
In simple terms – to only do stuff that makes good business sense
Strategy Foundation
Businesses that rely upon machine assets to deliver value for their customers see profits diverted to maintain the asset function. There is an optimal level of investment to deliver the right reliability for every business. More often than not the cost to the business of maintaining assets is much higher than it should be, both in terms of direct spend and indirect loss. 




The culture change that is required to facilitate change is often considered a challenge where the justification for the required investment is too difficult to make at the level required to sign off. Optimain can help you to identify the key areas for opportunity development and make it simpler to implement change for real benefit.
Our process is based upon keeping things simple.CM Body on white
Firstly we need to establish the current state of maintenance management by conducting a one-day business review. This is as simple as speaking to the key stakeholders in the maintenance  and business roles. I.e Engineering, IT, Procurement, Personnel. This will reveal multiple versions of priorities across the business, some of which will align and others which will not. By identifying areas which are not fully aligned we can start to build a map of where maintenance function is not optimal and more importantly identify where small investment initiatives can yield benefit.
Based upon the outcomes of this, we then break down the identified business goals into bite-sized work packages that can be completed as budgets and resources allow. This has the effect of developing a continuous improvement environment that can often be signed off without further higher level approval.


Our maxim is simple  – “Maintain reliability not machines”