OPTIMAIN – Lubricant based condition monitoring

  Man Diesel Scavenge Drain

OPTIMAIN  are now provide a specialist marine lube oil analysis service

Optimain have developed a lubricants based condition monitoring service that uses oil test data  augmented with extended sampling and machinery intelligence to provide more useful information regarding the state of each specific machinery item.

We can now provide guidance upon maintenance strategy development & technical advisory services, but also offer ongoing solutions based upon high value, low cost lubricant analysis.

Whilst we are equally happy to look at oil and grease lubricated systems in any application, we are targeting the specialist applications where additional input is required such as 2 and 4 stoke engines and cylinder lubrication; clean systems such as where hydraulic and turbine oils have critical application bias and slewing bearings as used on offshore and deck cranes, FPSO currents etc.

To usefully advice on the integrity of these systems additional information is required to be collected and provided at the time of sampling. Furthermore, critical sampling processes may require consideration to ensure that data capture is not only significant but that analysis and thus trending is repeatable and more meaningful than at present.

With the new low sulphur regulations coming in in 2020 it is more important now than ever to not only purchase the right quality fuels, but also to ensure they do not impact upon operation and maintenance. It is expected that whilst there is disruption, a number of unknown and untested fuel blends will emerge. Having a critical lube analysis service to support you will be highly advantageous as it will empower you to make better decisions and take control of the process.

This not only impacts 4-stroke engines where the products of combustion and the partially burnt fuel interact intimately with the crankcase oil, but also in large 2-stroke slow speed engines where the lubrication regime for the rings, grooves and cylinder liners will require close attention. As BN values will fall to account for a lower sulphur content, feed rates may rise to cope with providing the right tribological conditions to ensure long component life. Balancing the needs of these areas requires not only good machine husbandry but also an effective lubrication regime backed up with robust and useful guidance, which we can provide.

Our service is offered worldwide and results can be provided quickly once samples are received. however for some of the more immediate needs we can also provide on-sight testing capabilities where immediacy is key and where numerous repeat tests are deemed necessary as in the case of establishing the residual BN for used drain oil. We can also offer these facilities as part of a complete package of services.

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