Oil analysis review for fleet management

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So much useful information is waiting for you

If you operate multiple vessels within your fleet then as a fleet engineering manager, superintendent or technical director, you are missing some great insights into the areas where machinery systems are revealing opportunities for improvements.

Oil analysis reports get sent to the ship and they are either acted upon or filed according to the risk assessment performed by the Chief engineer. However, if you have multiple vessels you may not know if issues are being mirrored elsewhere and due to the daily prioritisation of tasks onboard these issues may not be being managed and resolved often with significant hidden cost.

By performing a simple review of the data from the fleet oil analysis repository we have found that there is a real opportunity to reveal hidden issues that are simple and often in expensive to perform.

In addition by performing this simple activity on an annual basis it is possible to review KPI’s and demonstrate an objective degree of improvement that can be used to demonstrate active asset management to your quality system and also to your clients via processes such as TMSA as used by the vetting agents for tankers.

We have performed a number of these activities both manually by reviewing paper/pdf reports and by using automated data provided directly from the oil analysis provider.

We can compare performance form ship to ship, or engine type A vs. engine type B etc. we can also look at the performance of EAL’s and stern tube systems, hydraulic oil cleanliness management, filter management etc. Meaning that what ever strategies you wish to employ we can look at the data to generate a high level set of information and insight to guide the management process.

Furthermore, this approach can be extrapolated and include other data sets for example, vibration analysis and thermography data as well as manually or automated watch data.

Call for more details and to discuss how we can help.

See this primer for more details CM as a fleet maintenance performance analysis tool


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